2:14 p.m.

© Théâtre des Osses Fribourg

© Théâtre des Osses Fribourg


BY david paquet (quebec, canada)

3W, 3M

Four teenagers and their teacher pursue happiness in unconventional ways: they eat worms, become blind, open imaginary doors… Their wild interconnected quests are interspersed with the sober reflections of a woman – the mother of a teenage son – who hides behind a swallow mask. Until at 2:14 p.m., a school shooting changes everything.

At the intersection of theatre and performance, this fragmented play filled with surrealist imagery takes a sharp and compassionate look at adolescence and the human condition. High-energy and written like a score with its own rhythms, beats, crescendos, and climaxes, 2:14 p.m. digs into a community’s collective memory with humor, uncovering heart-wrenching events.